Landscape Design Services in Edmonds, WA

Landscape Architect, Edmonds, WA

Studio 342 Landscape Architecture provides a broad range of residential design services, such as landscape design, project management, construction, planting, and garden planning. Our skilled landscape designers will collaborate with you to develop great outdoor spaces for your property that meet your requirements while also offering long-lasting beauty, comfort, and usefulness.

The team will produce a plan that will use cutting-edge technology to display concepts and ideas by illustrating plants, structures, fire features, retaining walls, water features, and other living and masonry elements. Our professional landscape architects blend creative flair with rigorous attention to detail to develop classic yet contemporary landscape solutions.

Our work is widely recognized for its elegant styling, robust architectural designs and lines, and generous planting, and we follow some simple yet effective principles in our work. The landscapes must reflect our client's tastes and needs. The features and elements need to complement the structure that stands on the property. Every feature and installation must be purposeful, have a cohesive design, and resilient construction.

Customized Landscape Design

Not every landscape is the same, and no two clients want the same elements, installations, and layouts. We know that it can be challenging to visualize how the grounds, yards, or outdoor spaces will look and function. Therefore, we follow this general process in our work:

  • Analysis and Discussions - The team conducts a detailed site survey and analysis, drawing up the design briefs with you. We take the time to listen to you and understand your requirements before developing custom layouts and design ideas that will work for and appeal to you.

  • Master Plan - We prepare the master sketch plan supported by mood boards, renders, and perspectives. Our designers develop the master plan and design briefs before shaping the exterior spaces to suit your needs and preferences.

  • Drawings - On design approval, we develop it into a package of detailed specifications and working drawings.

We know that while planning, layouts, renders, and aesthetics are all crucial aspects of landscape design, the client’s budget is equally important. We never lose sight of your budget when planning the spaces and recommending features, elements, materials, and devices.

Sustainable Landscape Designs and Plans

We also understand that water efficiency and energy efficiency are of paramount importance, and the plans that we provide keep these in view. You can be sure that your outdoor spaces will not only look great but will be easy to maintain, significantly reducing the amount that you spend on property maintenance. These aspects matter for residential and commercial customers looking for functional, practical, and sustainable outdoor areas.

We go the extra mile to provide the best solutions to our clients and keep all their requirements, demands, and expectations in view. We aim to create beautiful landscapes that give you the functionality you need and increase your curb appeal and property value. Our designers' job does not end once you approve the plans and designs. They continue to be a part of the project even during the construction phase right through to completion.

They ensure that every area, feature, and element is done as per the plans approved by you. This systematic and professional approach helps to ensure that you get value for money and have stunning landscapes that become the perfect backdrop for your home or commercial building.

For more information about our landscape design Edmonds, WA, call Studio 342 Landscape Architecture at - 206-545-0342. You can also send us your queries or quote requests via this Online Form. One of our experts will contact you soon to discuss your requirements and get your project started.

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